Microsite production

This page is your guide to the development of your microsite. Here you’ll find an outline of the production process, info submission forms and reference information. Please select from the options below.

Start New Microsite [$250]

  • Step 1: Schedule an intro call with me by selecting a time and date on my Google Calendar [Click Here]. Prior to the call please: 1) Fill out the New Microsite Form by clicking on the button below; 2) Have your credit card payment information available (This will be used to start your website subscription and purchase your domain – no additional fees).

  • Step 2: The intro call. We’ll confirm all the info you submitted via the New Microsite Form and I’ll take your credit card information to start the website subscription, and we’ll determine what’s needed to use the correct domain (ex: www.yourstudio.com). We’ll talk through any questions you have and make sure we’re on the same page. I’ll explain how my billing works (all online), and send you a link to purchase your microsite setup. The purchase link will also include the terms of service.

  • Step 3: I build the site. On the intro call I’ll give you an estimated completion date. This will be based on where you are in line and my overall workload. My goal, however, is to get these up and running as quickly as possible. When your site finished, I’ll let you know it’s ready for review. Once you have reviewed and we agree everything is correct, I’ll ask you confirm via email that the site is complete.

  • Step 4 (if needed): Microsite edits. If you’d like changes once your site is complete, visit the Edit Current Site section below for more info.

Edit Current Site

  • Step 1: Fill out the Edit Current Site form by clicking on the button below. I will respond that either: 1) I understand what you need; or 2:) I need clarification on the changes and we need to schedule a quick call.

  • Step 2: Once we’ve confirmed the details of the changes, I’ll do the work and let you know it’s time to review. You will look at the site, and confirm the changes are complete (or that they’re not and we’ll go from there….)

  • Step 3: Billing. Edits made to existing sites are billed at $50/hour, with a one hour minimum. The strategy here is to have me make multiple changes per edit session, as opposed to doing multiple edit sessions with minor changes. It’s more efficient for me to do multiple things once I’ve logged into your site, and it’s a better value for you if I make the most of the hour. For reference, the majority of changes you’ll ever need can be accomplished within an hour. We will discuss beforehand if something will take longer. You’ll be billed once a month for changes to your current site. All billing is online.

Reference Information